Sunday, February 03, 2008

Windows Vista installer partition tool screwed my linux part

Last weekend I need to install Win Vista on my notebook as a second OS after my Ubuntu 7.10 .
Of course I select to manually setup the partition for it. I have 1 empty partition on the end of my disk. After I select my last partition, and recreate NTFS then the nightmare is begun (it was literally in the middle of the night).
I lost my home partition (partition where my /home folder reside).
I think it's because the partition number is bigger than the new created NTFS partition.
Do you got it ? OK, let me list my partitions :
1. FAT32 /dev/sda1
2. Linux ext3 / (root) /dev/sda2 <<< Ubuntu
3. Linux swap /dev/sda3
4. Logical part /dev/sda4
5. Linux ext3 /home /dev/sda8 <<<<< look, the number is not sequenced
6. Linux ext3 (public) /dev/sda5 <<< I mounted somewhere as shared public
7. Linux ext3 / (root) /dev/sda6 <<< Mandriva (I planned to remove it later)
8. Linux ext3 (spared space) /dev/sda7 <<< this was the part that I changed to NTFS

After I boot from Windows Vista CD then I select to manually setup my partition.
The process should be as simple as to delete /dev/sda7 and create the NTFS partition. But, then I saw that my number of partition is wrong. Somehow the tool screwed up my disk.
So, I lost my /dev/sda8 .....
After I installed Windows Vista I looked for Linux partition recovery tool. I found 2 tools that is free. First is the DiskInternal Linux recovery version 1 (don't use the last version coz it somehow hanged-up when I want to save the recovered folder). But it can only recovered the tree structure and filename. When I check the content of the file, it just a mess of bytes.
So, I use R-Linux from R-Tools. Yes, it can be use to recover ext3 FS not just ext2. ... It was quite confusing how to use it. But finally I got it. Then my files was comeback to me again ....

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