Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How to Side Load apps on your BlackBerry 10 device

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    Side Loading, it's one of the most interesting topics since the launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook device which runs on QNX, same as the BlackBerry 10 platform. Because by Side Loading you can always get access to applications ported from Android that has not been released yet on BlackBerry World for any reason, also in some case you might participate in a developer Beta testing group and he will be providing you with bar files to test their applications. Then how do you side load?

  1. Download the application bar file from any website on your computer.
  2. Steps to do on your BlackBerry 10 device:
    • Head to the BlackBerry 10 Settings > Security > Development Mode
    • Activate the Development Mode (It will ask for a password, enter one and REMEMBER IT well)
    • Get back to the device Settings and select About
    • Select Network from the drop-down menu and copy your IPv4 IP Address(or USB if connected via USB for faster Side-loading)
  3. Steps to do on your computer:
    • Download Google Chrome (if not already installed)
    • Download the PlayBook App Manager Extension for Chrome from Chrome Store
    • Once Installed it will open the local web page
    • Enter your BlackBerry 10 device IPv4 Address (or USB if connected via USB)
    • Hit Save
    • You will find your IPv4(or USB Address) added to a list in the bottom, click on it
        It will start connecting to your BlackBerry 10 device
        You will be asked to enter the password you set when you activated the development mode
        Now the PlayBook App Manager will show the apps you have installed
        Click Install app and select the bar file