Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake Installation

First of all is to download the ISOs. I managed to download it three of them, the desktop, the server, and the alternate ISOs for i386. Fortunately while I was in Singapore, I had a very good Internet cable in my corp's apartment to get those three in one night.
I had not opportunity to burn when I was there. So, days latter I'm in base city, Jakarta, I burn two of them. The desktop and alternate ISOs.

First idea to make it live CD as interface to install the Ubuntu is a great one. But, my experience is not so good as I expected. I try first the desktop CD.
The CD didn't boot smoothly in my desktop PC [IBM ThinkCenter] also in my notebook [Sony VAIO VGN-B100B]
It hang for quite a while when it try to mount the root on both PC and notebook.
After that many lines of error messages shown up.
So, I suspect the ISO file is broken or the burning process have some glitches.
I check and double check the MD5 hash and it's a correct one. So, I try to burn the desktop ISO for the second time.
Try to boot with the new CD but the same situation always came up.
So, I start to googling the "error while mount the root with Ubuntu 6.06 CD". Fortunately the Ubuntu forums has the work-around. Just type 'evms_activate' (without quote) and press Enter when you see the text error messages in the monitor. For my desktop PC the error is consistent but for my notebook the error is gone and I not doing anything except the CD is the new one. Creepy ...

After I defract my hard-disk and backing-up all important files. I decide to try to install the Dapper Drake.
First try was the notebook. I feel the desktop live CD is quite slow or heavy some way.
But this was my first time of my life while I install the Linux I can play Tetris, Mines, etc (of course Gnome's game version). The resize and install procedures was smooth as I expected but still I feel it's took more time then text-based installer.

Next, my desktop. I try to install with desktop CD. After passing the boot problem, I already got the feeling that this is not a good idea. The boot process took a very long time to show the Gnome Desktop. Even I was trying to pop-up the Terminal it took forever.
So, just push the magic 'ON' button until my PC is off.
Next, I try to boot with alternate CD and try to install with text-based installer. The installation was fast and easy.

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