Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Invalid MIME gxine.desktop

On Ubuntu 8.04 I try to install opera
At the end of installation there is a message like below:

File '/usr/share/applications/gxine.desktop' contains invalid MIME type 'x-content/video-vcdx-content/video-vcd' that has more than one slash

I open the file and insert a semi-colon, so it become like this :

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ubuntu 8.04 broken Intel ProWireless 3945 driver

It is a great disappointment that Ubuntu 8.04 has a broken driver. It is only for the first time installed, the driver is working. But after I pushed the wireless button to disable the wireless it never get up again.

So, I search for the workaround and I found it.
But the way is not good enough for me. The wireless button light is always off although the wireless is on.
You can run these command :
sudo rmmod iwl3945; sudo modprobe iwl3945

Then I use ndiswrapper to use win32 driver for Intel ProWireless 3945.
It's OK then.

Install ndiswrapper.

$ sudo apt-get install ndiswrapper-utils-1.9

Get the win32 driver. I got it from Search the driver for "Intel ProWireless 3945". Unpack the package.

Run the ndiswrapper, from "System" -> "Administration" -> "Windows wireless driver".
Select the one *.INF file. For me it was the "NETw4x32.INF" .

If there is no error then it should be OK.
Have fun with your wireless.

More update

From :

When i First Installed Ubuntu 8.04 i was really happy , but i got shocked when i found that my intel wireless card is not working , The system appears to see it but i cant connect nor search for networks .

After a lot of search in the ubuntu , I found that this was a formal ubuntu 8.04 Bug… Here It is

So I found a Solution Here , I tried making it more usable , Here it is , Open up your lovely Terminal

* sudo bash ( Just to make it more easy )
* modprobe -r iwl3945
* Navigate to /etc/modprobe.d command ::: cd /etc/modprobe.d
* Create file named iwl3945 command ::: touch iwl3945
* Open The File command : gedit iwl3945
* Add The Following To the File
o alias wlan0 iwl3945
o options iwl3945 disable_hw_scan=1
* Save The File and exit
* modprobe iwl3945
* sudo ifconfig wlan0 up

Now You will find networks jumping into your wireless networks list
Update for 8.10

In my case, it still can not work properly.
The workaround I use is the last update I wrote.
I add a shortcut to run "sudo ifconfig wlan0 up".
So, after I click the wireless button to turn-off the wireless I still can not to turn-on by clicking it again. But I can turn the wireless on by running this shortcut.