Thursday, July 16, 2009

To limit APT download

If you need to limit the apt-get / auto update, you can create /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/76download.
Put script bellow into it. Dl-Limit "25" means max download speed will be 25Kbps.

Queue-mode "access";
Dl-Limit "25";

Sunday, June 07, 2009

dpkg: serious warning: files list file for package `package’ missing, assuming package has no files currently installed

If you have this kind of warning message :

dpkg: serious warning: files list file for package `package’ missing, assuming package has no files currently installed.

You only need to remove and install again the 'package' .

sudo apt-get remove package
sudo apt-get install package

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

To limit your network traffic bandwidth

If you need to limit your network traffic bandwidth.
You need to install iproute-2.6.27-2.fc10.i386 in Fedora .
The original script is from

To use it you need to have root privileged.
$ sudo sh upload

# Created by Discovery for PSA
# Modified by Mige Harimurti
# Name of the traffic control command.

# The network interface we're planning on limiting bandwidth.
IF=eth0 # Interface

# Download limit (in mega bits)
DNLD=1000mbps # DOWNLOAD Limit
#DNLD=10kbps # DOWNLOAD Limit

# IP address of the machine we are limiting the uploads on.
# IP= # Host IP

# Filter options for limiting the intended interface.
# U32="$TC filter add dev $IF protocol ip parent 1:0 prio 1 u32"

start() {

# We'll use Hierarchical Token Bucket (HTB) to shape bandwidth.
# For detailed configuration options, please consult Linux man
# page.

$TC qdisc add dev $IF root handle 1: htb default 10
$TC class add dev $IF parent 1: classid 1:1 htb rate $DNLD burst 15k
$TC class add dev $IF parent 1:1 classid 1:10 htb rate $DNLD ceil $DNLD burst 15k
$TC class add dev $IF parent 1:1 classid 1:20 htb rate $UPLD

$TC qdisc add dev $IF parent 1:10 handle 10: sfq perturb 10
$TC qdisc add dev $IF parent 1:20 handle 20: sfq perturb 10

$TC filter add dev $IF protocol ip parent 1:0 prio 1 handle 10 fw flowid 1:10
$TC filter add dev $IF protocol ip parent 1:0 prio 1 handle 20 fw flowid 1:20

#iptables -t mangle -A OUTPUT -p tcp --sport 1024:65535 -j MARK --set-mark 0x14
iptables -t mangle -A OUTPUT -p tcp --sport 9001 -j MARK --set-mark 0x14

# The first line creates the root qdisc, and the next two lines
# create three child qdisc that are to be used to shape download
# and upload bandwidth.


stop() {

# Stop the bandwidth shaping.
$TC qdisc del dev $IF root
iptables -t mangle -F

upload() {

read -p 'Enter Upload Speed [e.g.50kbps]: ' UPLD

restart() {

# Self-explanatory.
sleep 1


show() {

# Display status of traffic control status.
$TC -s qdisc ls dev $IF


case "$1" in


echo -n "Starting bandwidth shaping: "
echo "done"

#read -p 'Enter Upload Speed in kbps: ' UPLD
echo "Upload is now set to: $UPLD"
echo -n "Restarting bandwidth shaping: "
echo "done"


echo -n "Stopping bandwidth shaping: "
echo "done"


echo -n "Restarting bandwidth shaping: "
echo "done"


echo "Bandwidth shaping status for $IF:"
echo ""


echo "Usage: tc.bash {start|upload|stop|restart|show}"



Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sending simple email using python


In my case, I can send simple email using smtplib but the I received empty/blank email which is without From/To/Body appeared on my email client (Thunderbird).

So you need to wrap your email with email.MIMEText as sample codes bellow:

import smtplib
from email.MIMEText import MIMEText

def sendTextMail(to,sujet,text,server="localhost"):
fro = "Expediteur "
mail = MIMEText(text)
mail['From'] = fro
mail['Subject'] =sujet
mail['To'] = to
smtp = smtplib.SMTP(server)
smtp.sendmail(fro, [to], mail.as_string())


Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: Permission denied on Fedora


The problem in my case was that I had the SELinux's security features enabled in my Fedora Core 4 setup. I switched SELinux to permissive mode by editing /etc/sysconfig/selinux -
putting SELINUX=permissive.

There's probably a nicer way than just disabling the security but I was after a simple solution. SELinux FAQ is here.

You need to reboot to make it effective.

Friday, January 16, 2009

IBM Lotus Symphony

One more alternative for free Office Suite on Ubuntu Linux is IBM Lotus Symphony.
We can get it on .

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Setting up Bridged Network

I need to set up bridged network for my VirtualBox guess OS to have a network connection attached to host interface.

So I install bridge-utils package :

$ sudo apt-get install bridge-utils 

I need to add some lines in /etc/network/interfaces

auto br0
iface br0 inet static
bridge_ports eth0

You have to bring up br0 manually for now.

sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart
sudo ifup br0

I think, that's it. VirtualBox 2.1.0 doesn't need TAP or TUN interface.
br0 will recognized in the Host Interface list in network setting part for guess OS.
Due to I set my br0 to static IP, I also need to set my network interface in guess OS to static IP (e.g .

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Disable Touchpad on Gnome

It's annoying when you typing some thing suddenly your pointer fly-away somewhere else coz you inadvertently touch the touch-pad with part of your hand.

There are two way to disable/enable thouchpad in Gnome :
1. Go to menu on "System" -> "Preferences" -> "Mouse"
Click on "Touchpad" tab and [un]check "enable Touchpad" below "General" section.

2. Open Terminal [Command line box / console].
To disable, execute :
gconftool -t bool -s /desktop/gnome/peripherals/mouse/touchpad_enabled "f"

To enable, execute :
gconftool -t bool -s /desktop/gnome/peripherals/mouse/touchpad_enabled "t"