Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Pengingat Waktu Sholat

I tried to install minbar from .
I still need to install libitl0 before I can install minbar.
You still need to manually enter the Long/Lat of your location + GMT zone.
In my case I got from here
due to I live at Jakarta Indonesia.

Latitude: -6.1744
Longitude: 106.8294
Timezone: GMT +7.00

But when I see the prayer time list, the Ashr time is quite different from the usual time of Ashr in Jakarta.
I try all the "Calculation Method" listed in minbar, but I can't get the Ashr time that approximate with Jakarta's Ashr time. Almost all list Ashr time about an hour before except for Hanafi method is about half an hour after the time.

So, I think I should better use Pray Time! FireFox Add-on Extention.

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